Beyond the Wonderlust

I am so happy to announce that New Wave Photography has been published! You can find this picture of a gorgeous twirling bride in the January 2015 Beyond the Wanderlust publication.

Second shooter for Hailey Faria Photography

Second shooter for Hailey Faria Photography

     As a photographer I strive for many things.. but the biggest thing is growth. To grow for me means so many things; to improve as a photographer, to discover and develop my 'style' (which is still a work in progress), and to share my passion and work with others.

     Every day and every shoot unravels a part of me as a photographer I never knew was there. It is a journey that I fall in love with over and over again. So for others to love my work as much as I do shows me that I am doing something right. It shows me that I am indeed growing.

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