Child of the Sea

As a photographer I am always taking pictures of other people; of families and children and the love they share. It wasn't until today that I realized that I am not capturing my own cherished moments.. It is so easy to simply fill my day with 'work'.  At times I get so lost in the sea of 'to do' that I forget to stop, take a breath and simply enjoy. So today I decided to focus on what is most important; my family. Specifically my son Kainoa; everything I love and more.

I discovered so many things about my little man today that I never knew before. Like how in the morning he just wants to be held close; so, I put him in the carrier, and all I could see was his little curls sticking up from the top as he drifted off to sleep. I fell in love with his curls.

I discovered that he holds everything with his hands in a fist because he hasn't quite learned how to use his fingers yet... I fell in love with his little chubby hands.

I discovered that he has his daddy's eyes and with those eyes he can say everything without saying anything at all...  Out of no where he gives me this look like I am the center of his world and my heart melts all over its mushy self, again. 

So of course, I fell in love with his eyes.

I realized that I miss him the moment he falls asleep...

And that he might just be the most beautiful baby I have ever seen

I discovered that he loves things...                                             Until he hates things...

And that he loves bath time out of all of the other things.

I discovered today that I am head over heals in love with his little baby toes and his little baby nose. His laughter and his cries and of course his smile.

I discovered that if I simply take the time to enjoy life... I will fall in love with  my son over and over again.

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