Mommy & Me Workshop

Join New Wave Photography as we host a Mommy & Me Workshop!

New Wave Photography will be covering everything from camera settings, styling, posing, knowing white balance, and finding the perfect light. This is the perfect opportunity to learn the ins and outs of shooting in manual 

If you are wanting to become a better photographer while getting the opportunity to capture beautiful images this workshop is for you!

You will receive:
 -3 cheat sheets on ‘exposure triangle’, ‘posing & rule of thirds’, and ‘white balance & natural light’ that will all help to guide you 
through the stylized session.
-A gorgeous stylized session with models, props, and outfits that come together to creat a magical photography experience
-New Wave Photography staff on hand to answer any 
questions you may have!
-An unlimited amount of images to add to your portfolio!
-A (post photography shoot) step-by-step guide on how I edit my favorite image from the stylized session in BOTH Photoshop and Lightroom

April 25th 


*you must have basic camera knowledge

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