Memories to Last a Lifetime

When a photo shoot becomes an adventure...

In July Hahna and Dallas Cannon traveled from their current home of Japan to Hawaii on vacation and wanted to capture the essence of the island in their couples photo shoot. Instead of doing a traditional Hawaii beach photo shoot we decided to go exploring for waterfalls! From the moment we stepped foot out of our cars we were surrounded by the beautiful tropical forest Oahu has to offer. With mud squishing beneath our barefoot toes, and banyan trees canopying above, we made our way down a slippery path to a small but gorgeous waterfall. Being that Hahna and Dallas are naturally athletic and adventurous people they immediately climbed to the top so that we could snap an epic shot from above the falls.



 As we made our way further into the forest we found stepping stones that took us to a bamboo grove and a wooded forest. Just as we were about to start shooting again the skies opened up and rain began to pour. Instead of calling it quits Hahna and Dallas just laughed as we took cover telling me that rain is welcome, they are used to dry heat and an overpowering sun in Japan.

After the rain stopped and we began shooting again, everything was muddy... our feet and legs and more importantly our clothing; but it simply added to the fun! We gengerly made our way down the muddy path slipping and sliding the whole way until we found this awesome rock that stuck out right in the middle of the waterfall. Like tightrope artists balancing rock to rock, Hahna and Dallas crossed over the rushing water to the huge boulder. 

We found a nice wooded area to end our shoot. Mud was everywhere, clothes were soaked and there was absolutely no hope for hair and make-up, but it didn't matter because we had an amazing time.

They left Hawaii with beautiful images and memories to go with them that will last a lifetime.

Jasmine AbbeyComment