J & C Wedding

A Match Made for the Stars!

(names left out for the privacy of the Grooms)

J and C met in New York, New York on Broadway! J is a Pulitzer Prize winning producer who met C on the stages of one of his Broadway plays. Coming from two different parts of the world; J from Australia and C from America, they formed a bond that distance couldn't separate.

The Grooms decided to be wed on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii which they considered to be their mid-way point between their two worlds. They found themselves on the beaches of Hawaii many times as they fell in love.

They were wed atop the 47th floor of the Hilton overlooking the vast turquoise of the Pacific below. Their reception was held at the popular RumFire ultra-lounge right on the edge of the beach. 

Friends and family from all over the world ate, drank, and celebrated in a marriage that couldn't be kept apart.

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