The Silver Frame Effect


It is what I am calling The 'Silver Frame' Effect based off of Justin and Mary of Justin and Mary Photography's Silver Frame ( Which is the idea of capturing moments that will live on far longer than the photographer or even the people in the images. The Silver Frame represents the 'why' behind taking pictures of your family and then also having them printed and displayed in your home.

Justin and Mary told us the story behind the Silver Frame. They had been visiting their grandparents who had been married for sixty years. Sixty years! As they were spending time with one another Justin was taking pictures of their home, his grandparents, and any other 'moments' he didn't want to forget. One of the things he noticed as he was exploring their home was a picture in a silver frame of his grandparents on their wedding day. It was a simple pose in a simple frame sitting on their mantel;  but, the memories held in that one picture could fill a thousand books. 

Just as they were leaving Justin had one last thought and that was to take a picture of his grandparents (sixty years later) holding the image of them on their wedding day, the one in the silver frame.

Now Justin hadn't thought too much into this image more than a great memory and a cool concept for a photo... until his grandfather passed away just a few short days later. Then that image held much more significance than an interesting concept or even a memory from a good day. From then on it was the last photo that was ever taken of his grandfather. It was the last image ever taken of his grandfather and grandmother together, but more than that, it was the last image of his grandparents together holding a silver framed photo of the day they were wed.

It was their entire life story being told in one single photograph.


That is the idea of the Silver Frame. 

This 'Silver Frame' idea is so substantial in my life because I am a photographer.. of other people's families, weddings, and beautiful moments. I tend to put aside photographing my own family or getting photos of my family taken because I am 'too busy'. But when I take a step back and think of it in terms of time, then things get real. We aren't guaranteed time; we cannot control it nor can we take it back. The moments that pass are literally once in a lifetime.

Once in a lifetime.

Thinking back to the time my son walked for the first time, the sheer excitement on his face, the joy my fiancé and I felt in that moment. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. What if I had missed it? I wouldn't have been able to get a re-do and him walking for the second, fourth, tenth time just wouldn't compare.

So, what is stopping you?

I know what you are thinking.. "yes, I would love to do a photography session of my family and yes, I would love to hang hundreds of pictures of my husband, children, dogs, and cat on the walls... but I can't afford it." And I agree photography is an investment. Just like a wedding a photography session may require you to save. It may require you to give up your Starbucks latte before work everday and drink break room coffee instead or that dinner at your favorite restaurant and cook instead. But when you hold those precious memories of your family in your hands and hang those beautiful moments up on your wall, you will see that it was all worth it.

If you think in numbers like I do lets do the math.

A Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte cost $4.15, if you purchase one a day before work (5 days a week) your spending $83 (not including tax) each month. Thats a good amount of prints you could have had printed of your family. As in 37 - 4x6 prints or 10 - 8x10 prints. Thats a good amount of prints you could be hanging up around your home.

What about that dinner you go to with your family once a week because you don't reeeally feel like cooking? Say you have four members in your family, you buy each person a meal and drink costing on average $15 per person. That dinner will roughly cost $60 that night. Say you do that 4 times a month and your up to $240. Do it again the next month and bam! you have saved $480 dollars, more than it costs to do a family session with yours truly. 

Two months and you have saved up for your family session and all of your prints. Yes, it may take you giving up on a few simple pleasures for a month or two but I promise, it is worth it.


I want the 'Silver Frame' of images that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Don't you?


A photo session done by the amazing Lia Cecaci of Oh-Honestly Photography ( that we have hanging in our home as well as in our families homes.

This was our first family session done by Patricia Allison of Patricia Allison Photography ( How amazing is this session? We made these images into a large family photo album that is on display for all of our friends and family to see!

Each and every one of these sessions was an investment just like the prints we have hanging on our walls and the ones we have given as gifts. But, no amount money can buy memories likes these. No amount of Starbucks or expensive dinners will replace these beautiful moments. Because we took these pictures and printed them out we now have heirlooms that will be passed down from generation to generation. Those memories will stay alive long after I am gone.

These are my Silver Frames

Jasmine AbbeyComment