Traveling Dress Collective

The Traveling Dress Collective

"An amazing idea brought several photographers together in a project amply dubbed The Traveling Dress Project. As creatives, each photographer was fascinated with one another’s different points of view, so they decided to see what would happen if each of them had the opportunity to use the exact same dress to make their unique visions come to life. Each photographer had one week with the dress; shooting it with their own specific style and creative vision, before mailing it off to the next person. In an effort to avoid creatively influencing the vision of one another, the participants agreed to one stipulation. They would refrain from sharing the images until all participants had the opportunity to shoot with the dress. The dress traveled nearly around the world between the original seven participants. Each very different in shooting style and voice.

In 2016 there was 1 dress and 7 photographers. In 2017 there are multiple dresses and upwards of 68 participants. Each with their own individual creative vision and voice."

Hence, The Traveling Dress Collective was born. Learn more about the Traveling Dress Collective at their website Traveling Dress Collective

I was so honored to be asked by Kristen of Kristen Giles Photography to be a part of such an inspiring and artistic movement. When I saw the dress I thought that the session should be one about a natural, authentic love.. one that will go to the ends of the earth for the other. My couple was so wonderful in helping me capture my vision! Please read below to learn more about each participant involved in this Traveling Dress movement, the dress maker, models, and location.

The gorgeous dress was made by designer Mimetik Bcn in Barcelona Spain.

My models were Joshua Sze and Edith Garcia

The Traveling Dress Traveled to these amazing participants in the following order:

Kristin Giles in Houston, Texas

Michelle Fox in Toronto, Canada

Abi Kent in Vancouver, BC

Taylor Lange in Houston, Texas

Kristina Yamamoto in San Diego, California

Myself, Jasmine Abbey in Oahu, Hawaii

Brandy Britton in Tucson, Arizona


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