I am Jasmine, the owner of New Wave Photography, I am a late bloomer, coffee drinker, and lover of all things chocolate. I am an avid surfer that loves to feel the rolling sea beneath my board and to hear the sounds of crashing waves all around me. If I could live in the ocean I would, but since I cannot, you can find me on the beach covered in sand.

I am a mother of two beautiful boys Kainoa and Kekoa who love the ocean just as much as I do. Every day spent at the beach, for us, is a good day.

I consider myself a photographer for those who are adventurous at heart. The ones who want to tell their love stories with muddy feet, epic hikes, and salty ocean kisses.

I strive to show the beauty of the aina in each and every one of my photographs while also providing an amazing experience my clients will never forget!