1) Can you describe your editing/post-processing and what level of retouching is included in the package? 

I am a natural light photographer so I do not use any flash or equipment during photo sessions. (Weddings and events I use flash setups for dark rooms and night time photography). I do very few posed images and really like to focus on candid moments.

Hawaii is so beautiful and has a large variety of landscapes. When I photograph in a green, mountainous location my editing tends to be a little bit more moody and colorful. When photographing on a beach my images tend to be a little bit more light, airy, and bright.

I process all of my images with a slight skin retouching to help smooth any blemishes, dark circles, ect I also take care of any minor clothing issues and fly-away hairs. Any additional/major retouching can be done at a fee of $5 per image because extensive editing takes more editing time.

2) Will all of our photos be in color, or would some be black and white? Ideally, we would like to stick with color, but I know that different photographers have different preferences. 

I very rarely give black and white images. If there are a few images that you want in black and white I can do those as well but you will always get the image in color.

3) What is required in order to book with New Wave Photography?

In order to reserve the date and time of your session or event I require a  deposit to be paid at least 2 weeks prior to the session or event. I also require a contract to be read and signed.

       3A) What is the deposit and when would it be due? 

The deposit is 50% of the total package price. (You can make payments on the cost of the session) once the 50% deposit is paid-in-full your session will be officially on my calendar and the specific date and time reserved. The remaining 50% is due 24 hours (if not before) the photo session date. Please note: Your date and time of your event or session is up for grabs until the deposit is paid.

4) Will a print release be included?

Yes. I do recommend printing at specific locations such as,, and because places such as Walmart, Walgreens, ect have terrible print quality. BUT, once images are released to you, you are free to print where ever you please

5) What will happen if weather is bad, or if you are not able to make it on the day (in case of emergency)?

I always have my clients choose a reschedule date just in case there are any unforeseen circumstances. I also give my clients the option to go to another location (most of the time when it is raining on one side of the island it is not raining on the other). If the photo session has to be completely canceled the 50% session fee will be refunded and the deposit can be used toward a session in the future or gifted to a potential client.

6) How many outfit changes do you allow in the allotted time frame?

The largest two packages allots time for outfit changes. If you book a session with a shorter amount of time for the session (for example a 30 minute session), changing outfits will affect how long you have for the actual photography portion of the session. 

7) What is the turnaround time for photos? 

I share previews from the session within 1-2 days and will share more images as I am editing. The entire session takes 2-4 weeks turnaround time to be completely finished.